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Christina H. Vy, D.M.D.

After Endodontic Treatment

After Your Root Canal Treatment

Your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be slightly tender for several days after treatment. Don’t chew on the affected side until your dentist has completed the final restoration. Take over-the-counter pain relievers for any discomfort. In rare cases (3-5%), increased pain and/or swelling may occur. Please contact our office immediately if you experience uncontrollable pain or swelling following treatment

We will submit a complete report to your dentist. If we’ve placed a temporary filling, it is very important to return to your dentist’s office within 30 days to replace it in order to avoid re-infection of the root canal. In most cases a crown will be needed, but this decision is up to your dentist. You may experience some discomfort chewing for up to two weeks.

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